Meet the Scottish Folds & Scottish Shorthairs!


TimberPaws cattery began in 2003 when Illinois-native Sue Weitendorf fell in love with the sweet-faced look of the Scottish Folds.  From her home in Sonoma,  California, in the Valley of the Moon, Sue raises one or two litters each year of pampered and adored kittens to be placed in loving homes.  Since Folds are generally bred using Straight-Eared Folds (sometimes called Scottish Shorthairs) or British Shorthairs, each litter usually contains a number of both Straight and Folded-Ear kittens.  Scottish Shorthairs are virtually exactly like British Shorthairs -- maybe not quite so independent-minded! -- and are a perfect alternative to anyone seeking a Brit in another color.

If you’re interested in bringing a Fold or a Scottish Shorthair into your home, you can reach Sue at

GC/RW TimberPaws Newman

TimberPaws Mac Will, Straight-Eared Fold

CH Timberpaws Cashmere Mist & kittens

TimberPaws Willow Mist, gorgeous Straight-Eared Fold.


Littermates Will and Finn.